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Ask for a little help, from my friends...

Hello everyone... hope you are having a great week!  I just wanted to send a personal plea to my friends and family for a little assist.
This week is an online competition for a YouTube vlogging channel called "Geek & Sundry Vlogs."  Vlogging is basically like doing a video diary on a specific topic.  I've started several over the past few weeks, trying to find the right one for the competition.  The shows I created were:
YaDamSelf - How to indie produce
EnterBRAINment - John rants on geekery
The Poetry Corner - John dramatically re-enacts "poetism"
Geekendorx Reviews - John reviews entertainment
College@>35 - Watch John try to head off a midlife crisis
Ultimately, I wound up choosing the last one as it was the most "unscripted" and natural to produce.  It is literally going to be a check in on what it's like being called the "old guy" in college class.  Oh, and hearing students talk about awesome classic rock bands, like "Motley Crue."  :-(
You can find the episode I submitted herehttp://www.geekandsundry.com/vlogger/john-patrick-lordan1 and if you like it, I hope you'll vote for me.  And let's just say you go that far, and you DO vote for me... well, then it would probably be silly not to take a sec, and send this email to other people you think will enjoy it too.  Right?  :-)  How long do you have to vote.. only a few days, voting closes on June 27th.
The votes are only influencing the judges, it's not a cold numbers thing.. so don't be do depressed when you see I'm stacked against thousands of votes, with my current 3.  I'll be depressed for you.  Just be brave, and click on that link above.  :-)
You're still reading?  I hope you've already voted!  Well, I guess since you're down this far in the email, I should mention that I am still going to produce my other "unsubmitted" vlog shows for one year, releasing new content on my own Youtube channel, Geekendorx, every Tuesday and Thursday.  You can see all my shows at http://www.youtube.com/user/GeekenDorx.
Take care, and thanks for your help and support!!!